How it works

How it works

How it works


Lots will be posted on the Embassy’s online website, Those who are interested should register and select the “Buenos Aires, AR” site, where available lots will be found.  

Bids should only be submitted through the above-mentioned website, always using Argentine pesos currency.

The Embassy has the rights to reject one, some or all submitted bids.


Each lot includes detailed pictures. Vehicles will be parked on Cerviño Ave. November 15th to 19th 2021. On Friday 19th from 9 am to 1 pm, an Embassy representative will be on site to open the vehicles and answer questions.


Bids will be received through the website until 12 pm on November 24th, 2021.


  1. a.         Vehicles are sold in “as is” conditions.  The Embassy is not responsible for any faults, whether immediately apparent or not.

  1. b.         None of the units can be re-exported to the United States of America.

  1. c.         The bidder commits to accepting all bided and awarded lots. If the bidder chooses to drop one or more lots, the Embassy reserves the right to totally cancel all bids.

  1. d.         The buyer is responsible for any applicable fee, tax, or charges as per legal regulations in Argentina.

  1. e.         The buyer is responsible for paying all fees and charges required for the registration and transfer of the vehicle ownership title.

  1. f.          Per 14 FAM 417.2-3, Embassy staff can participate in the auction, except for those employees who are familiar with the offered items and/or involved in the organization of this auction.

How to pay for your items


The payment for the purchase of the lot must be completed before December 1st, 2021. If the payment is not completed before the deadline, the purchase can be cancelled by the U.S. Embassy. The payment must be made in Argentine pesos and will only be received through a bank transfer. Bank account information will be sent after the bidding concludes.

After the payment has been confirmed, the Embassy will coordinate an appointment at the Registro de la Propiedad automotor to register and pay for all fees involved in the vehicle transfer process.

How to pick-up your items

6.         UNIT PICK-UP

The successful bidder will only be authorized to pick up the vehicle after paying for the lot and the 01 form, verifying the vehicle and signing all required documentation prior to its registration and transfer.   

The Embassy is not responsible for any loss or damage on any vehicle that was not picked up before the established deadline.


The vehicle will be registered in the name of the buyer within ten days or receipt of payment, taxes, and fees.

If by buyer responsibility, the transaction is delayed, the Embassy has the right to keep possession of the vehicle, per articles 15 and 27 of law 22,977.