How it works

How it works

How it works

請先連上 AIT Online Auction的網頁註冊成為會員後即可登入參與投標。拍賣結束後,系統會自動寄發電子郵通知得標者,每個標的物以出價最高者得標。所有拍賣物品均以拍賣日當天狀況為準,不再予以維修、翻新或保養。一經售出,不予退換及退費。已付款但逾期未領取的品項,本會將保留對拍賣物品最終處置權。如有任何問題請聯絡 AIT Auction (

Please connect to the AIT Online Auctionwebsite first, and then register as a member to log in to participate in bidding.  After the auction is closed, lots will be awarded to the highest bidder and the system will automatically send an email to notify the winner.  Items are sold on an “as is, where is” basis, and no repairs, refurbishment or maintenance of any kind will be done on any item before or after the sale under any circumstances.  All sales are final; no refunds, returns or exchanges are allowed or permitted.  Any paid items that are not picked up, AIT reserves the right to dispose. 

For any other questions please contact AIT Auction at

How to pay for your items


Please remit the total amount of the winning bid to the bank account of the American Institute in Taiwan. The remittance information is as follows:

帳戶名稱 Account NameAmerican Institute in Taiwan 美國在台協會

匯款帳號 Account No.29863011

銀行名稱 BankBank of America Taipei Branch

銀行代碼 Bank Code022

分行代碼 Branch Code0019

How to pick-up your items

取貨地點為11461台北市內湖區金湖路100美國在台協會倉庫。得標者需自行安排車輛載運,並於指訂時間內完成取貨手續,無故棄標者將影響往後參與類似活動的權益。所有進入館內的訪客及車輛皆須事前提出相關資料以利申請,未完成申請者將無法入館。因作業時間需要,請至少於三個工作天前將取貨當日入館的人員及車輛資料(姓名、車號、車輛廠牌、車輛型式、顏色)及匯款戶名與帳號末五碼E-Mail aitauction@state.gov取貨當日請攜帶附照片之有效證件(身分證、護照或健保卡),AIT安全人員將會依此核對申請人資料,核對無誤後方能入館。若取貨當天本人不克前來,請列印得標通知交由被委託人攜至本會辦理取貨

The pickup location is No. 100, Jinhu Road, Taipei City 11461 American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Warehouse.  Winning bidders are responsible for collecting their items within the specified pickup time.  Those who abandon the bid without reason will be suspended to attend future auctions.  All visitors and vehicles entering AIT must submit relevant information in advance to facilitate the application. Those who have not completed the application will not be allowed to enter. Due to work time requirement, please send the personnel and vehicle information (names, vehicle number, vehicle brand, vehicle type, color) as well as the remittance account name and the last five digits of the account number at least three working days before the pickup day to Please bring a valid photo ID (identity card, passport or health insurance card) on the day of pickup. AIT security personnel will check the applicant's information accordingly and release the entering after verification. If you are unable to come on the day of pickup, please print out the Winner Notification and give it to the consignee to bring with when picking up the items.